Best Turf For Your Business In Houston

Every commercial property has the need for a unique solution when it comes to artificial grass. Whether you need a low maintenance and professional looking solution outside your office, upgrading your facilities for your guests or tenants or switching from traditional turf to synthetic turf for your athletic fields. HomeTurf Houston is able to work with you to provide the correct solution you’re looking for.

Commercial artificial grass

Property Managers:
Is the common space in your properties needing constant maintenance and upkeep? With water bills increasing constantly, now is a great time to consider upgrading your green space to artificial grass. Reduce maintenance costs while providing your residents with a space that will be green and inviting all year round.

Homeowner Associations:
Keep your entire development looking fresh and low maintenance all year round. No matter what size space there is, artificial turf can provide improved curb appeal for your property, reduced allergens for your residents and lower the noise and impact of grounds maintenance as mowing will no longer be needed.

Landscapers & Contractors:
Provide another option for your clients with artificial turf. The flexibility of artificial turf means you will not only expand your services to clients but also have the potential to increase your client base to customers that are looking to just replace their lawn with artificial grass and not their entire space.

Business Owners:
Keeping your monthly costs down or even eliminating a regular item from your own to-do list is a benefit of artificial turf. Home Turf provides the best turf for your business in Houston. Having completed projects in dog parks and facilities, common areas, event spaces and recreation areas, we look forward to upgrading your space as well.

Government and Schools:
Upgrade your facilities and lower your maintenance costs with artificial grass. With ever increasing demands on budgets, artificial grass is a great way to reduce costs long term through maintenance and utility cost reductions over the life of the artificial turf.

Contact us today to learn how Home Turf can help your business can use artificial turf to brighten up your green spaces and reduce your costs.

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