Stylish Side Yards: How to Make a Splash with Artificial Grass Installation in Houston

It’s easy to take the side yard for granted. They’re often utilitarian and narrow, eventually becoming a sad alley or a hiding spot for garbage bins and broken furniture. Just like any part of your home, however, the side yard holds amazing potential. All it takes are some special touches and artificial grass installation in Houston to turn your side yard into an outdoor highlight.

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Inspiring Ways to Style a Side Yard with Synthetic Grass

It can be difficult to keep grass alive and healthy in a side yard because the narrow space makes it hard to mow, cut and maintain. The high amount of daily foot traffic can create dead and bare patches in the area.

In contrast, turf grass in Houston is a great material for side yards because it can be cut to fit spaces of any size and shape. It’s also resistant to foot traffic, which is critical because side yards primarily function as walkways. Use these ideas below for planning your project:

  • Add a path made of stepping stones

Is your side yard mainly a path to your backyard? Embrace its function by installing a stone path. Artificial grass in Houston can be installed around pavers to soften the hardscape and integrate the side yard into the rest of your lawn.

  • Make it a zen corner

If your side yard has a bit of extra space, consider turning it into a quiet spot where you can relax outside your home. Simply add a bench to create a cozy hide-out. Houston turf grass can withstand the weight of outdoor furniture, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the fibers. Take it a step further by covering the entire seat with vibrant, green turf to create a statement piece.

  • Create a secret garden

Many homeowners are starting to realize the potential of side yards as a mini garden. Why settle for a bare space when you can green it up with your favorite plants and flowers? Turf grass in Houston is a great foundation for greenery because it drains well and can handle heavy pots and planters.

  • Install a dog run

Want to give your pet their own space to hang out or a secluded spot to go potty? Dedicate one corner of your side yard as a dog run. Artificial grass for dogs in Houston is especially designed to accommodate their needs. For instance, its porous backing efficiently drains urine, and the tough fibers holds up against the most hyperactive canine. It’s non-toxic and pest-free too, which helps keep your dog safe every time they go out.

  • Think vertically

Infuse a whimsical woodsy appeal to your side yard by covering its walls with Houston turf! Professional installers can lay turf on almost any surface, so feel free to share this idea during the consultation. Synthetic grass creates the aesthetics of a live wall, without the tedious maintenance requirements of real grass.

Glam Up Your Outdoor Spaces with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass installation in Houston can spruce up everything from your side yard to your backyard and front lawn. The best part? It wipes out all the stress that comes with having real grass. What you get is a low-maintenance, lush, green space that looks as beautiful as the finest natural lawns. Let’s talk about your project— call Home Turf Houston today 281-816-9598 to get a free quote!