Artificial Putting Green Installation Near Me: 4 Ideas on Where to Place Your Green

If you’re searching for “artificial putting green installation near me,” you’ve already made the first step towards your very own golf heaven. Backyard putting greens have become the rage for golf fans who want unlimited tee times. Aside from mimicking the natural ball roll of a pro-level course, it also beautifies your home and turns it into a low-maintenance space.

Installing a backyard putting green is definitely a good idea, but where should you place it? Explore practical ideas on putting green placement to help you decide!

Where to Place Your Artificial Putting Green

While putting greens can be installed anywhere in your yard, you need to consider several elements to maximize your investment. For instance, it should be near your home so that people don’t have to walk far just to play. You should also keep it away from windows and other delicate areas.

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For many homeowners, the following spots proved to be ideal:

  1. Next to your outdoor kitchen

If you entertain frequently, then you probably have an outdoor kitchen where you can grill, prepare drinks and whip up meals for your backyard parties. This area is also perfect for your putting green. Your guests can socialize while playing golf on artificial turf in Houston, and they can also walk easily to the kitchen for snacks and refreshments.

  1. Near your garden

If you’re planning to keep your green simple, you may want to place it near your garden. It allows you to relax and bond with family and friends while others are enjoying the green. The vibrant shades of artificial grass also go so well with plants and flowers, which is another plus for your landscaping.

  1. Around the pool area

Near the pool may be an unconventional place for a putting green, but it can work depending on the design. For one, putting green and artificial grass for dogs in Houston drains really well, so don’t worry about flooding your pool surrounds when you make the switch.

The pool is a major activity hub for any home, and installing a putting green near it really boosts the fun factor. Talk to your installer about the ideal distance between your pool and green. You can also consider a mini-golf course instead of just a green as well.

  1. In your side yard

The side yard is often overlooked, but it actually holds great potential as a compact putting green. It doesn’t matter what shape or size your side yard is— installers can lay turf to fit the area exactly. Just because it’s smaller than your lawn doesn’t mean you have to limit the features either. You can add multiple holes, challenging slopes, and other playable elements to keep your green exciting.

Get the Ball Rolling on Your Putting Green!

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