Why More Pet Owners are Searching for Artificial Grass for Dogs in Houston

Pets enrich our lives in many ways. They make for excellent company, are always ready to have fun and who can resist those cute puppy eyes! Unleash them on your yard, however, and your cuddly buddy turns into the ultimate lawn fiend. Dogs love to dig holes and chew grass. Their urine causes dead spots in the yard. Because of this, many pet owners are turning to artificial grass for dogs in Houston to achieve their dreams of a pet-friendly, lush and gorgeous lawn.

dogs playing on backyard putting green grass

Brilliant Benefits of Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Aside from creating beautiful landscapes, Houston turf offers practical benefits to pet owners:

  • It’s antimicrobial.

A natural lawn harbors a lot of bacteria, which can be found in the ground and on the grass blades. Dogs tend to come into contact with these germs and track them indoors.

In contrast, pet-friendly artificial grass in Houston has antimicrobial properties that not only kill bacteria but also reduce contact between these harmful germs and your pet.

  • It’s odor-resistant.

Never worry about a smelly yard again! Pet urine tends to pool and soak into the ground. This causes bad odors in your dog’s regular bathroom spots. Not only does it create unpleasant smells.

To combat this, turf grass in Houston is installed with an efficient porous backing that quickly drains urine from the surface of your lawn. This means that no liquid waste is left behind. To clean the spot and remove traces of urine, simply rinse with warm, soapy water.

  • It’s pest-free.

Very few things are as frustrating to pet owners than a flea- and tick-infested yard. These unwanted insects latch onto dogs, and it’s tough to get rid of them completely. Worse, they don’t just infest animals— they love burrowing into furniture and different parts of the home too.

Eliminate this issue for good with the help of artificial grass installation in Houston. Turf is inhospitable for fleas and ticks since it doesn’t provide food or shelter for pests. Once you switch to the best pet-friendly artificial grass near you, you don’t have to worry about your pets getting infested again after playing outdoors.

  • It’s easy to maintain.

Cross off lawn maintenance from your list of chores with an artificial grass backyard! You never need to mow, water, reseed, weed, fertilize or cut your grass again once you make the switch.

Most importantly: Dogs go crazy for artificial grass!

Dogs can’t tell the difference between real grass and artificial grass. It feels and looks like the real thing, and for dogs, that means fun!

Watch them play, run, take naps and enjoy every minute of their outdoor playtime. Better yet, even the most determined digger can’t damage a synthetic pet run. It’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic too, which adds to your peace of mind.

Call the Experts on Pet-Friendly Artificial Yards

Finally, turf is as beautiful as a natural lawn. Achieve the landscape of your dreams without worrying about damage from naughty paws!

Home Turf Houston is the top choice for pet owners looking for artificial grass for dogs in Houston. We’re ready to help you create a fantastic yard that both you and your pets can enjoy year-round! For more information about our pet-friendly turf and other artificial grass installation services, call Home Turf Houston at 281-816-9598 today.