4 Design Ideas Using Artificial Grass in Houston for Older Dogs

Senior dogs are basically overgrown puppies— they still go crazy for outdoor playtime! Once they reach their golden years, however, you should consider upgrading your lawn into a more senior dog-friendly space. If you’re considering switching to artificial grass in Houston, this is the perfect time to do it. Consider these turf landscaping ideas to create a safer, more accessible, and still super fun space for your aging canine companion.

Artificial Grass Landscaping Ideas for Senior Dogs

Life with older dogs comes with special considerations. They are not as quick on their feet as they used to be, and they tend to have more health issues. But don’t let this get in the way of letting them enjoy playing the sun and fresh air, especially since exercise will help them stay healthy in body and mind.

corgy dog on artificial grass - home turf houston

Artificial grass for dogs in Houston offers so many ways to make this possible. Below are some backyard design ideas to keep your older dog happy and safe in your yard.

Backyard Design Ideas

  1. Install a wading pool.

Simulate water therapy to keep their joints strong and flexible by installing a small dog pool in your lawn. Artificial turf drains quickly and efficiently, which means you don’t have to worry about flooding your lawn every time your pup plays in the water.

Installers can also cut turf to fit pools of any size and shape— how about a paw-shaped one, or one with steps inside to make it more accessible? There’s no limit to the design!

  1. Create a dog house.

If your dog doesn’t have an outdoor dog house, now’s the time to give them one. Dogs of all ages love taking naps in the sun, a dog house is a nice, comfy place for them to relax.

Consider covering the entire dog house with turf. It’s not just visually striking, but it also pads all corners of the space to keep it safe and cozy for your pooch.

  1. Raise your plant and flower beds.

Does your senior dog still love to dig? If your yard is filled with plants and flowers, chances are there’s a couple of toxic types in there. Mulch, especially cocoa mulch, can also be toxic to dogs.

Artificial grass installation in Houston is a great opportunity to eliminate these health hazards. Turf can handle the weight of elevated pots and flower boxes.

  1. Select comfortable landscaping materials.

This one applies to all dogs, not just senior dogs. If you have pets who use your yard, use building materials that are neither too cold nor too hot on their feet. Concrete, brick and smooth rocks are all excellent choices. Turf can be installed around hardscape, and it also does a good job of providing a soft and cool surface for your dog to walk on.

Pets deserve the best life with their families, and giving them a safe and comfortable place to play and relax is one way to provide that. Want more ideas about using artificial grass in Houston for dog-approved backyards? Call Home Turf Houston at 281-816-9598 and we’d love to share some ideas.