Design A Rooftop Oasis with Artificial Grass Installation in Houston

Most people who live in the city don’t have the luxury of a private backyard. Having your own outdoor space comes at a premium in most urban locations. If you have your own roof terrace, however, all it takes is artificial grass installation in Houston to create a beautiful green getaway.

Artificial Grass Installation in Houston

Is it possible to have a rooftop garden?

Yes, anything is possible when you’re working with artificial grass in Houston! If you’re dreaming of having your own rooftop garden, you may be having second thoughts with the thought of keeping grass alive so high off the ground. There’s also the element of weight— will your roof be able to withstand the weight of soil, plants, and everything else you need for a beautiful garden?

Artificial grass solves all of these concerns. It’s ultra-lightweight and needs almost no maintenance. You don’t need to water, mow, trim or pull out weeds to keep the turf healthy. No need to conduct seasonal maintenance or re-seed your garden.

Despite being lightweight, synthetic grass is incredibly durable. It can withstand the weight of heavy outdoor furniture, which means you can arrange a dining set or some lounge seats on your rooftop. It’s resistant to foot traffic as well so feel free to invite guests to your rooftop garden. In addition, top-quality artificial turf in Houston can last for up to 15 years or more with very little maintenance, making it an excellent investment for your property.

4 Creative Rooftop Design Ideas

Now that you understand why so many people are choosing artificial grass for their rooftop spaces, it’s time to get started on designing your own. Basically, you can design your rooftop garden much like you would a ground-level one:

  1. Decorate with Live Plants and Trees

You can absolutely enjoy your favorite plants and flowers with turf! Make your rooftop bloom using raised flower beds, pots and hanging plants for greenery.

  1. Create a Place to Relax with Furniture

Would you like to throw dinner parties on the roof? Or would you rather reserve it as a private space where you can relax? Consider adding outdoor furniture in the area to make it a more comfortable and accessible place to spend time in.

Don’t worry about the weight flattening your turf— its blades are designed to bounce back even after being flattened. All you need to do is brush the blades to return its previous fluffy texture.

  1. Play with Colors

The vibrant, lifelike green tones of artificial grass is the perfect canvass for any color theme. Paint rooftop walls with your favorite hues, or pick out vibrant shades for your outdoor furniture and decoration.

  1. Reserve a Rooftop Play Space for Your Pet

Just like you, your pet needs to spend time outside to stay happy and healthy. Artificial grass is the ideal pet-friendly surface because it drains well, is tough enough to resist damage from playful paws, and is super easy to maintain. Install a comfy dog house in one corner and let your dog run and play to their heart’s content in your new rooftop garden.

Create a Rooftop Paradise with Home Turf Houston

Transform unlikely spaces like rooftops, balconies and side yards into the highlights of your home with artificial grass in Houston! Here at Home Turf Houston, we love helping people discover the joys and possibilities of synthetic grass. For more ideas on how to use turf to beautify your living space, call us at 214-736-4736 to get started with a free estimate.