Keep Allergy Symptoms Down with Artificial Grass in Houston

Spring in Houston means fun as the season’s transition to summer, but it also ushers in pollen allergies. Elevated pollen counts come with warmer weather and result in increased hay fever symptoms. 1 in 6 Americans has grass allergies, aka hay fever, which triggers symptoms like stuffy nose, sneezing, trouble breathing, itchy eyes and more. One of the best ways to manage allergies is to replace live grass with artificial grass in Houston.

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Grass Allergies: Not Just a Spring Issue

While spring ushers in an uptick in allergy symptoms, grass allergies happen all year. Some people have allergies so severe, they can’t even step out in their own backyard.

If you or a loved one has grass allergies, chances are that you’ve never fully enjoyed your own lawn. It’s safer to stay indoors when simply stepping out on the grass can lead to breathing problems and other symptoms. Craving to relax on the patio or play fetch with your dog outside on a sunny spring day? Get your grass allergies in control with artificial grass installation in Houston!

How Synthetic Turf Reduces Grass Allergies

Synthetic grass is hypoallergenic, which makes it a fantastic choice for people who have grass allergies. Even if no one in your family is allergic, switching to turf makes your yard a more accessible place for every guest. Here’s how artificial grass helps manage allergies:

  • Turf doesn’t produce pollen

Contrary to common knowledge, most people are not allergic to the grass itself, but the pollen it produces. This happens full-force during spring, but real grass also holds onto pollen particles.

In contrast, artificial grass for dogs and Houston homes doesn’t produce grass pollens nor trap it within the fibers. Replacing real grass on your property with turf – or even just installing it near the entry points – will significantly reduce the amount of pollen you’re exposed to and that enters your home.

  • No Mowing Means Less Pollen Spread

Mowing isn’t just a tiresome task— it also causes a large amount of pollen to fly around and exacerbate allergies. Replacing live grass with turf accomplishes two things: keep allergy attacks at bay, and eliminate mowing from your chores for good.

On top of that, artificial grass has a short, lush and uniform pile that remains perfectly maintained with zero effort need on your part. No excess growth means no trapped debris and dust that can also trigger allergies.

  • Can Be Hosed Down to Decrease Pollen Count

Turf always stays looking healthy and full with no need for water. Thanks to its sophisticated drainage system, however, you can hose it down without worrying about flooding, mud or bacteria growth.

Hosing down your synthetic backyard helps wash away pollen, dust, debris and other allergy-triggering objects usually hiding in natural grass.

Be Free from Allergies with Artificial Grass in Houston

Synthetic turf is an outstanding, long-term solution that allows you and your loved ones to enjoy a hypoallergenic backyard. It keeps your symptoms under control so you can now relax and have fun in your backyard anytime you want. Ready to make the most of your outdoor space? Give Home Turf Houston a call at 214-736-4736 to get started with a free quote. Let’s talk turf!